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      The Legendary Jamaican-Cuban brand is revived to the exact traditional methods and craftsmanship specifications of the renowned master blender, Jimmy Chang. Only our finest aged Jamaican leaves are used. These hand rolled, exquisite, super premium cigars from Barrington House are supplied in boxes of 25 and Glass Tubes of 10. The tubulars contain vintage reserve leaf (limited supply). The Montalvo offers excellent construction, beautiful draw and a deeply pleasureable smoking experience.

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Santa Cruz - PURO

      The Legendary and rare Pure Jamaican Classic is revived and put on center stage, Only Barrington House's finest vintage reserve Jamaican leaves, Jamaican binder and long leaf aged filler are used. These exquisite, super premium cigars from Barrington House are hand rolled, in boxes of 25, and offer that rare pure Jamaican taste, full flavor, excellent construction, beautiful draw and a deeply pleasurable smoking experience. Created for the US and selected premium international markets.

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Guaranteed Jamaican (Founder’s Edition)

      These often imitated, but never equaled cigars are handmade from all matured, long leaf filler. These mild smokes continue to be hand made from Jimmy Chang’s original blend. The USA/Connecticut shade wrapper enhances their smoothness. These are exceptional premium cigars at a price far below their value.

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Guaranteed Jamaican (Heritage Series)

      Individually hand rolled from from all mature long filler, these superb and mild premium cigars carry on the traditions of its founders. The original blend for " the original Jamaican Macanudo**".was developed by the illustrious Jimmy Chang of Barrington House and its predesessors.

Guaranteed Jamaican’s are still made in Jamaica and, miraculously, are still made the original way, using the original blend, and are beautifully hand rolled by the decendents of those who rolled the Macanudo’s.

**(Macanudo is now a trademark of General cigar and now produced by them in the Dominican Republic)

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      This international award winner offers premium quality at the uppermost reaches of the range, along with highly competitive prices. The Fundadore is satisfying, mellow, and individually hand rolled using a superb blend. The mellowness derives from several facts, among them, that all the leaf used in its construction has been gently and carefully aged for several years longer than is the usual practice, and also, that the Fundadore thereafter, matures further in our vaults, adding to its sought after status.

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      Hand rolled and deliciously Flavored in Jamaica - Rum, Rum Passion, Vanilla, (Natural also available in the 5 X 28 standard Harvill size) create a most distinctive and exotic flavor and aroma, which will please the most discerning palate, one perhaps looking for a bit of adventure.

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Pride of Jamaica

      Created by hand in limited numbers near Port Royal, Jamaica, this much respected, super premium is for those who appreciate the very best. It has been the aficionado’s choice for over a half century. Its filler is from Jamaica; its binder from the famous San Andreas valley in Mexico, and it is wrapped with aged Maduro leaves from Cameroon. They are aged in our vaults for over 6 months after they have been rolled by master cigar craftsmen.

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Santa Cruz

      Specialty Cigars - includes custom, and private label brands as well as the economical Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz Blue Label “Pirates” are natural wrapper, and natural premium blend short filler. Santa Cruz red Label “Pirates” use homogenized binder and natural premium blend filler. All Pirates are hand rolled.

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Jamaican Heritage

      This authentic Jamaican cigar is a celebration of the Barrington House art. These mild and delightfully flavored cigars are handmade using USA/ Connecticut Shade/Claro with premium long filler blended from Jamaican and Dominican tobaccos.

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