Barrington Adams, CEO of Barrington House International - tobacco growers, cigar manufacturers, importers/exporters and distributors - is the direct descendant of one of the most heralded tobacco estates in Jamaica…. Barrington Hall. His forbears hark back to the mid eighteenth century where their refined and prestigious tobacco products, especially production-by- hand cigars, won universal acclaim, and added to the rich history associated with the Barrington House name.

Today, Barrington House uses the same wonderful, selected premium tobacco, blessed by Jamaica's sun, rain and balmy breezes to help create cigars that carry on the legacy of unsurpassed smoothness, aroma, consistency, draw and deep smoking satisfaction.

As a small boy in Jamaica, young Barrington actually found a couple of authentic gold doubloons on his parents' property, an exciting, and perhaps prophetic occurrence. These coins later served to help burnish his long held dream of restoring the bright luster of the Barrington House name, and its long held reputation for fine tobaccos, respect for traditions and quality and refined taste.

Barrington acquired the former Combined Tobacco Company Jamaica, Ltd. (1979). Earlier, the company was run by the awe inspiring master cigar blender and constructor, Jimmy Chang who left Cuba in the 60's, after having mentored with Menendes y Garcia of Montecristo fame, among other masters who passed on Cuban cigar making art and traditions to Barrington House. Jamaica was chosen, as the unique climate and soil produce a rich, yet mild tobacco, rivaling that of Cuba. Jimmy passed on his phenomenal skills and quality management techniques to number of Jamaican protégé's now very successfully operating Barrington House in Jamaica.

The company has benefited from its heritage and accumulated experience to create prize winning international formulas utilizing its prime Jamaican tobacco, skillfully combined with Dominican, Cuban, Connecticut shade and other select tobacco binder, filler and leaf wrapper. Helping to fulfill the dream, Barrington House now exports premium cigars throughout the world for the enjoyment of its customers.