1980 - Prague, Czechoslovakia - International Award for Export Product
1980 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Award for Quality Product
1981 - London, England - International Award for Export Product
1982 - Lisbon, Portugal - International Award for Export Product
1982 - Brussels, Belgium - Gold Medal, Monde Selection
1983 - Rome, Italy - Gold Medal, Monde Selection
1984 - Madrid, Spain - Gold Medal, Monde Selection

Last year, in Geneva, Switzerland, BARRINGTON HOUSE INTERNATIONAL Cigars was the American Company selected to receive the coveted "Century International Quality ERA Award" in the Gold category.

The audience was comprised of leaders in different business activities from 72 countries (from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Americas), gathered on the common ground of a search for continuous quality improvement.

Mr. Barrington Adams, CEO, was presented the award in the gold category by the president of BID Business Initiative Directions at the Intercontinental Geneva Hotel. Barrington House International has achieved the business performance levels required to expand and experience continued success.

The Century International Quality ERA Gold Award selection criteria are based on principles of TQM (Total Quality Management) currently utilized in companies from over 100 countries and distributed under the name QC100. The 100 points of quality cover areas starting with customer satisfaction, and continue in areas related to leadership, communication, benchmarking, continuous training, and business results.